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21 March 2020

Coronavirus Update - Winter League Cancelled from 23 March 202

Further consideration has been given to the measures currently in place to try and mitigate the spread of Coronavirus, and following discussions with the Golf Working Group it has been decided to suspend Competitive Golf at King James VI. Members wishing to submit a final Winter League card may do so, however we would urge you to think carefully about the use of communal equipment such as the Computer and to ensure that the wipes are used when entering scores.

The computer will not be in use after tomorrow and Winter League will be closed from 22 March 2020.

Entry to the Clubhouse will only be permitted for members to collect and return their golf equipment.

We trust that you will agree that this is the correct decision in light of the growing number of people in the UK catching the virus and that the health and safety of our employees and members is and will remain our primary concern.

The course will remain open for those who wish to play golf. Please do follow the guidelines posted around the club requesting members to keep a safe distance from others and not to enter enclosed areas if you are unable to maintain the 2m social distance.