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13 April 2020

Club Update April 13

Dear All

Firstly, I hope that you are all well and staying safe during the Coronavirus outbreak and managing to occupy yourselves away from our King James VI course.

Its been interesting to see how some of us have amused ourselves during the past 3 weeks with pictures of courses that we’ve visited or videos of the “bucket” challenge lifting the spirit and making us smile. If you’re on the private members Facebook page I’ve put up a Captain’s Prize for the best KJ Member home video posted this week.

When we initially went into lockdown, we advised that we had submitted an application for grant assistance and that we had approached numerous creditors regarding either easing of terms or deferring payment until later in the year.  We are pleased to say that we were successful in our grant application and funds were transferred to the bank during the week.  We have also been negotiating better terms with the majority of our regular business partners and they have been responding favourably, either reducing the monthly outgoing or extending the payment period.  This has allowed us to clear outstanding invoices with no summer income though the clubhouse.

We are looking at the fixture list and whilst it will not be possible to play all of the normal competitions, we will do our best to ensure that the competitions that we consider are priorities are played before the end of the season.     

With regards to course maintenance, we're planning to utilise a group of volunteers to ensure basic grass cutting is maintained and we'll keep you updated on our progress over the coming weeks.

Finally, Ashley will be sorting out the 100 Club draw shortly and we’ll post the lucky winners on the Facebook and Club Website.


Thanks and Stay Safe.