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09 February 2021


Following a review of our current golf management systems we have taken the decision to upgrade our systems and provide a significant level of futureproofing. The new system will provide us with greater management information, increased communication capability and also allow members to access a wider range of services through their smartphones, tablets and home computers.

What’s happening?
We’re changing all our golf related IT platforms.

Our current membership system has been in place for some time now, and as it is based on outdated technology it will no longer be supported by our supplier (Intelligent Golf). We have a short window to upgrade it or find a new one and our supplier made us an offer to the move to their new platform at much reduced cost. The new version will also include Tee Time Booking, Competitions and Handicapping and fully integrates across all three. Intelligent Golf will also host our website. At the moment we have three systems with three different suppliers.

What’s in it for us?
As well as being fully integrated and easier to use for our staff, we will replace the two tills and build a new public website, replacing the current There will be a mobile app and online member portal which can be used by members for tee time booking, competition entry, results viewing, managing match play tournaments, news and course information. The app can also be used for scoring. You will be able to view your membership account, pay your subs and top up your card balance online or using the app. We will continue with our current membership cards. More features will be enabled in time. As the new system is cloud-based it will be more robust and secure and we will be less reliant on our own computer hardware. We have also taken steps to insure against losing our broadband service should the telephone cable come down in bad weather, but even if it did the new system can continue without it.

When is it happening?
The new system is planned to go live on or around 23rd February. Before then we have to finish setting it up and install the new tills. We don’t have a live date for the new website yet, but we are aiming to deliver it as soon as is reasonably possible.

Does it save money?
The migration saves us significant costs as opposed to being a new client of our software supplier. There will be a small setup charge and our annual license costs will increase slightly. There are also costs for the new tills and the website, but these are costs we would have faced anyway as they are all out of date. We feel the quality, features, usability and the support levels of the new system easily justify these costs.

Why didn’t we go for Scottish Golf VMS, it’s free isn’t it?
Scottish Golf VMS and the associated Scottish Golf app are paid for by all club members through their annual £14.50 levy. It’s £18 for gents once the P&K £3.50 levy is added. We installed this last year and evaluated it extensively over several months. We had concerns about the maturity of the
system, app and the support provided and feel that even though we have to pay for it, the Intelligent Golf platform is a much better option to take the club forward for now.

What does it mean for me?
• On or around 23rd Feb, we will send out an email with detailed instructions on how to log on to the new system and download and use the app.
• You will be able to book tee times starting in March using the new app/online member portal. Full guidance will be provided, and if COVID restrictions will allow it, we will run education sessions in the clubhouse to help members get up to speed. Again, COVID dependent, it is our intention to continue to use the clubhouse computer for competition entry and scoring, but those who wish to use the app will be able to do so.
• Also from then, you will be able to view and top up your account balance online or using the app.
• We will continue to use Handicap Master up to the end of the Winter League and move to the new system for competitions at the start of the new season, when competition entry and scoring will be available on the app. At this point we will also move over to the new WHS.
More detail on the precise schedule will be made available nearer the time.

Who can I speak to if I have any questions?
Scott Fenton, David Angus, Ian McPhee, Ron MacLeod, Dougie Taylor or Bob Blackburn.
Finally, we could do with some more early adopters to download the app and help test the setup instructions. They are reasonably stable now but the more we can find out early, the smoother the implementation will be. Volunteers, please contact Scott at or on 07773191370. Texts or WhatsApp messages are fine too.

David Angus



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